Why Vegan Repair?


For a start absolutely NO animal products


Our blend of plant proteins is made up of both Hemp and Brown Rice protein. Our Source of Hemp brings with it a complete amino acid profile giving your body everything it needs to recover after an intense training session.


We Pride ourselves off of Absolutely No Additives and No chemicals within our products and this shake is no different.


Coconut sugar is a completely natural sweetener and retains the nutrients Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, and a soluble fibre Inulin which is linked to a lower risk of blood sugar spikes. This helps to replenish blood sugar levels post work out and warn off that Hunger, shakiness and dizziness after a hard workout.


One great benefit that cocoa powder can provide is decreased inflammation. We know how valuable this can be after a strenuous training session. Not to mention the lovely chocolatey taste this helps us achieve with our shake. Who ever said being vegan means having to settle for a lower quality protein shake? Certainly not us!


Post workout it’s important to get a mixture of Carb’s and Proteins, within your shake our shake is designed to give you just that.


For optimum performance we recommend consuming within 60 minutes of finishing your session.


We keep this shake low in calories but high in protein to allow you to recover well without sacrificing the hard work you’ve just done.


So be under no illusion if you’re after a mass gainer shake then this isn’t the one for you. Keep an eye out though we’re constantly working on new products.


Mix with water or a Plant based Milk substitute of your choice for even more Protein goodness



Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians 


*39g Sachets

*Shaker Not Included


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