Our Story

Having trained in one way or another for most of my life. I have used many different supplements, Whey based recovery shakes, Creatine, Pre-workouts etc. To aid my performance and recovery for years.

All was going well until I had a life changing event. One evening on the drive home from work in Norfolk. I was involved in a head on collision with a 42t Articulated lorry. The lorry had lost control in the snow and jack knifed coming across onto my side of the road and hitting me head on.

I’ll spare you the gory details but during my fight through recovery and it was a hard one I came up with a mantra to keep me going “Bigger, Better, Stronger, Leaner, Faster”. For those that really knew me before will understand that without any explanation. But here it is anyway, then aged 44, I was 14st and 8% bodyfat and reputation in the martial arts world of a well-respected, knowledgeable, and very capable sensei.  I had my injuries and long-term niggles as all middle-aged athletes do. However, it was the ingrained fighting spirit and determination that would now see me through my recovery and yes, the intent to be “Bigger, Better, Stronger, Leaner, Faster” than I ever was before.

The key to this is around 18 months post-accident. After many doctor, hospital, and physiotherapy appointments. I was confirmed as having severe Gout in my knees and ankles. This was directly related to the brain injury I suffered in the accident. Which had altered the way my body processed foods. Now Gout is a pretty common ailment in a lot of people. But at a mild level in your big toe etc. mine was and is as severe as it gets. I had 2 options put up with it and take the medication and hope that would manage it or if it didn’t the next step could lead to amputation. Or Option 2 change my lifestyle!

Well I’ve still got both legs and as I write this I’m not taking any medication.

For those that don’t know what gout really is let me explain

In every organic substance on the planet there is an element called “Purines” gout is essentially an intolerance to purines, and that’s how I refer to it. I stated organic substance because it’s not just in foods. It’s in your own body in your muscles and tissues that make you up.

The recommendation from the doctors when you have gout is moderate exercise. This is because when you exercise hard, you breakdown your own muscle tissue and metabolise the purines in your own body.

The long and short of it is, I have to manage my purine intake daily with the foods I eat , meaning the normal protein supplements are out of the question. As Whey proteins are very high in purines. This was before Plant proteins became popular. But also high sugar and artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and Sucralose were on the list. It’s a very big list and most of the research has been done at MIT in the USA.

So I set about trying to find foods that would give me the protein I needed and not incur problems with my Purine intolerance. After a lot of research we finally had our first products, our after shots. We are constantly working on the development of new products that are not only gout friendly allowing me to enjoy but also completely natural to allow everyone of our customers to reap the benefits without the harmful chemicals you see in so many other food products these days.

Our Founder

Hi I’m Mark, I’ve worked in the food manufacturing industry for the last 25 years. But my passion has always been training.

Whether Martial arts, Body Building or athletics or mountain biking.

I first started Karate training at 8 years old with one of the best Japanese instructors. As I got into my early teens I started to compete in athletics for my school. Then joined the local athletics club in Sheffield “Hallamshire Harriers” and went on to compete at a national level in 100m and 200m events. Whilst Maintaining training in both Karate and athletics, I fell in love with lifting heavier and heavier weights through my 20’s and 30’s.

I always strive to better myself and be the best I can be even now in my early 50’s.  After realising that it’s not just the exercise that’s important but what you put in your body it truly does boost your results through the roof. That’s why we strive for 100% Natural products meaning no chemicals or additives.

As a mature athlete I’m still fit and strong, still training in the gym and still training and teaching Karate as a 6th Dan and riding the trails for an adrenalin buzz on the Mountain bike. But more importantly I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.

I hope you like our products they are truly a labour of love. Developed by myself and my family to deliver a natural product and Natural Gainz.

Founder of Natural Gainz